Sarah ColyerSarah Colyer
i originally worked with another personal trainer who, while in good shape and knowledgeable about fitness and training, was not very committed to her job and worked a lot of the same things every time i would see her. jeff has completely taken all of my personal limits and individual body type into consideration while training and i have seen so much more positive change in the 3 months i've been with him. i would 10/10 recommend to anyone who would like to improve their fitness, health, and knowledge!
Sylvia UrquizaSylvia Urquiza
Hello moms if you are looking to feel better and finally take care of yourself without too much guilt, then Jeff @BodySmithFitness is the personal trainer for you. I hadn't worked out in over 20 years and when I found Jeff he helped me overcome my fear of working out and made it super easy for me to begin and gain confidence with my physical abilities and lack of form. I have knee issues and shoulder problems but Jeff was able to work around them and help me build up other muscles and strength to help counter those limitations. My major purpose was to incorporate exercise as part of my routine not an obligation. Jeff has been helping me make working out essential, fun and fulfilling. Thank you so much Jeff.
J RushJ Rush
Jeff from BodySmith Fitness has been training me for nearly a year. I'm approaching 51 years old and I am without a doubt in the best shape of my life. I also run up to 3 half-marathons per year. I attribute my overall physical health, stamina and strength to Jeff and his knowledge of fitness training. He has conformed it to my needs and I get results. I would highly recommended Jeff as your physical fitness trainer.