Importance Of Caloric Intake

Calories are the focus and considered the adversary by countless Americans for their obesity.  When people want to lose weight they ban calories and count them like crazy.  What people really need to understand is the correct recommended calorie intake which is tailored to them, their needs, and the lifestyle they lead.

Calories are the fuel our bodies use to life and can be your friend when you aren’t taking in too many of them.  How many calories each individual should take on varies by level of activity, weight, age, height, and even gender.  At Body Smith we will help you understand your body’s needs so you can take in the right amount of calories to live a more healthy and vibrant life!

How It Affects Fitness

Caloric intake has an effect on fitness plans and how much energy you have to achieve your goals.  Every client is at a different point and has different goal such as weight loss or to put on size.  In cases like weight loss the caloric intake should be tailored to give you the energy you need for your daily life and to get the most of your workout sessions.  When clients are already at a healthy body mass but want to put on size the caloric intake needs to be adjusted to give the body and muscles what they need to increase size and achieve greater definition.


  • The Right Foods
  • The Right Amounts
  • Improved Stamina
  • Better Energy
  • Assists In Losing Weight
  • Helps Build Bigger Muscles

The Role Of Macronutrients

We all know that fueling our bodies means eating, and that is pretty simple. But our bodies are fairly complicated systems which digest food to get the energy we need.  Our bodies benefit from having better balanced diets which meet nutritional needs.

What They Are

Macronutrients are categorized into three main types: fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. To have the nutrition you need your body needs fairly large quantities of these nutrients to feel good, repair injuries, to develop, and grow correctly.

Why They Are Important

Macronutrients are important as they are the main source of energy and fuel for our bodies to achieve greater health. Balancing the right carbohydrates, fats, and protein is the tricky part.  Each type of macronutrient plays a different but critical role in your overall nutrition.  Body Smith will help you understand how to balance your diet and macronutrients better to have the energy you need and live better.

Including resistance training in your workouts with Body Smith means better health and lower need for pharmaceuticals such as those used in controlling blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.