New Year's Resolution: Diet And Exercise Plan
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New Year’s Resolution: Diet And Exercise Plan

Due the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was an extremely difficult year to get in shape, keep in shape and stay disciplined. Let’s all make 2021 a healthier world by committing to regular exercise and a better diet. Here are a few plans/tips to include in your New Year’s resolution.

Diet And Exercise Tips

Here are five simple diet and exercise tips to start off the year on the right foot:

Change Your Routine

Changing your routine or shaking things up can refer to almost everything in your daily life, from exercise to overall attitude. 2020 has been rough, and chances are you would like to shake up your routine anyway. Make some healthy switches for your mind, body and soul in 2021. Starting a new routine can liven up your day and help to form muscle memory at the same time. Perhaps beginning the day with a jog or even some weight training can do wonders for your physical and mental state.

Workout With A Personal Trainer

How do you go about putting together the right workout/exercise plan for yourself? Many find this to be a very difficult challenge, and one that may require a second set of (highly-trained) eyes. Maybe it’s time to give a personal trainer a chance to help you achieve your goals. Even one workout with a personal trainer can help you tweak your eating and exercise routines. Most gyms will offer one-on-one sessions or even group sessions with a personal trainer. If you’re looking for nutrition counseling, weight loss techniques or athlete training, a personal trainer is right for you!

Eat Smaller Meals

Yes, we all love the bigger meals, either at lunch time or in the evening. But, as we all know there is a better way to consume your meals and snacks. Eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours during the day is a much healthier alternative to larger consumptions. Frequent meals will give your body the nutrients it needs to operate at the top level. This will also keep your metabolism moving for efficient fat burning. Eight smaller meals is generally the recommended amount you should consume, according to health experts.

Leave The Scale Behind

Don’t just leave your old routine behind, consider taking a break from weighing yourself for a little while, as well. Focusing on every digit on the scale can be torturous for the mind. It can also be inaccurate due to factors like the amount of water in your body. Muscle truly does weigh more than fat, so your weight can certainly be misleading when you’ve started weight training, etc. Instead of tracking your progress by the scale, do it by feel. Do your pants and shirts feel a bit more loose? Are your workouts or jogs getting easier each day? This is a much better way to track your progress in the new year.

Sacrifice One Guilty Pleasure

Sometimes New Year’s resolutions are all about small sacrifices. Consider giving up one indulgence this coming January. Whether it’s a glass of wine, beer, soda or even chocolate, a small sacrifice of any sort can make a big difference in your overall health. Switching out guilty pleasures every month can be an effective strategy. Give up wine in January, then switch to no chocolate in February. Maintaining self-control is crucial for a happier, healthier life.

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