Home Gym Vs Gym Membership
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Home Gym Vs Gym Membership

If you are picking between building a home gym and purchasing a gym membership, we’re here to provide the pros and cons of both options.

Gym Membership Pros

Amenities And Services: So many people choose to pay for a gym membership for the variety of services and amenities. Gym memberships go far beyond weights and exercise equipment. From yoga classes to pools to personal trainers, commercial gyms have it all.

Lots Of Equipment: Everyone who works out should do a variety of exercises. In a gym, this is possible. At home, you may not have the equipment or space to maximize your workouts.

Social Interaction: Commercial gyms can sometimes create the perfect environment for social interaction. A home gym will not help you connect or start new relationships with other individuals.

Gym Membership Cons

Commute: Nobody likes a long commute to work. The same applies to the commute to the gym. Ideally, you can join a gym that is close to your home, yet this may not be possible in all cases. The extra money spent on gas is an additional drawback.

Crowds: It can be quite annoying if you have to wait a long time to use a certain machine. Try not to go to the gym right before or after work if you wish to avoid crowds.

Set Hours: Some gyms may be open 24/7, but others are not. Make sure you find a gym that works best with your specific schedule.

Home Gym Pros

Save Money: Monthly gym memberships frequently include amenities and services you may not utilize. So, why continue paying for these services? When you drop the membership, you will undoubtedly save money on fitness.

No Commute: This is another cost you will no longer have to account for. Drop the extra money you have to spend on gas and the extra minutes you’ll be in the car by opting for a home gym. Simply role out of bed and you are just steps from your home gym.

24/7 Availability: No matter the time, your home gym is always open unlike the commercial gym. Holidays, weekends and late nights, the home gym is available for use 24/7.

Home Gym Cons

Distractions: Just like working from home, a home gym comes with plenty of distractions. It can be harder to go out to the garage or down to the basement and remove yourself from typical daily responsibilities. Kids and/or significant others may talk to you, so getting in the right mindset can be difficult.

Limited Equipment/Space: One of the biggest benefits of a gym membership is the access to so much equipment and space. Both of these aspects will be limited when opting for a home gym. Undoubtedly, your workout routine will be limited.

Temperature Changes: A commercial gym is a controlled setting. That doesn’t necessarily translate at home, especially if you choose to build a gym in your garage. Yes, it may feel great to roll the garage door up during a summertime workout, but inconsistent temperatures can undoubtedly affect your workouts.

Home Gym Or Gym Membership?

So, should you invest in a home gym or gym membership? The answer is not that simple. Some individuals may not have the space to build a workout area in their home. Others may not like the idea of paying another monthly bill, going towards gym access. If you are looking to achieve specific workout goals, then the suggestion here is to purchase a gym membership and consider the idea of a personal trainer.

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