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How to hire a personal trainer

If you are wondering how to hire a personal trainer this post should help! On this page you will find information about how much it cost to hire a personal trainer, how long you should hire one, questions to ask before hiring, and more.

Is it worth it to hire a personal trainer?

A simple google search will be met with a profounding YES! According to Money Talks News, hiring a personal trainer is worth the investment for 6 reasons, but according to Peter Rosenstein “Hiring a personal fitness trainer was one of the best things I ever did“. Having a personal trainer can have several benefits outside of reducing injury or providing a personalized workout plan. Trainers can help motivate you and provide accountability while tracking your fitness journey and achieve your goals by pushing you to the correct physical level (not too little not too much).

How much does it cost to hire a personal trainer?

2019 personal training costs between $45 and $100 per training session with $72.50 being the average cost. This article here provides more insight into how much does a personal trainer cost in 2019.

How long should I hire a personal trainer?

How long you hire a personal trainer is dependant on your personal goals, current skill level, and personal budget. As a general rule of thumb, you should evaluate a new personal trainer during the first three or four months of training. Since this relationship is more like a friendship than a doctor-patient relationship you should both be working together to monitor your progress and adjust your workout routines to best fit your goals.

Hiring a personal trainer to lose weight?

Hiring a personal trainer for weight loss is a common goal for most clients of personal trainers. By working alongside a personal trainer you decide what your goals are and what will be the milestones along the way. Even though you as the client will be doing the work your trainer should be providing motivation, personalized fitness plans, individual meal plans, and make sure that your form is correct during the workout. When all of these factors combine a personal trainer will help lower your chance of injury while reaching your goals quicker while keeping you motivated and working efficiently.

What questions should I ask a personal trainer before hiring?

    • What Are Your Credentials?
    • How Much Experience Do You Have?
    • What Is Your Personal Training Philosophy?
    • What Are Your Specialties?
    • How Much Do Personal Training Sessions Cost?
    • What Is Your Availability?
    • Where Are You Located?
    • Can You Track My Progress?
    • What’s Your Reputation?

Read the full article about questions you should ask a personal trainer before hiring here.

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