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Our personal trainers in Chandler can help you get back in shape! Searching for a personal trainer near me in Chandler, AZ? BodySmith Fitness can help! Personal training sessions with BodySmith Fitness of Chandler are designed to help you achieve your own personal fitness goals. The combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises are designed to help you build muscle, lose weight, improve health, and enjoy life. The benefits of personal training with a certified personal trainer include achieving a better mood, getting a better night’s sleep, gaining more energy, and can help fight health problems.

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Personal Trainer Chandler

Hi, my name is Jeff LaFontsee and I am a certified personal trainer in Chandler who’s here for you. When I was younger, I enjoyed working out and working with my hands. Before I became a certified personal trainer, I worked as a machinist. While I worked as a machinist, I realized that it wasn’t my passion so, I went to the National Personal Training Institute of Arizona and became a certified personal trainer. I want to share my lifelong passion for working out and being active with people who have a desire to be fit and healthy. I want the people I work with to feel great about themselves in their every day lives.


Hello moms if you are looking to feel better and finally take care of yourself without too much guilt, then Jeff @BodySmithFitness is the personal trainer for you. I hadn’t worked out in over 20 years and when I found Jeff he helped me overcome my fear of working out and made it super easy for me to begin and gain confidence with my physical abilities and lack of form. I have knee issues and shoulder problems but Jeff was able to work around them and help me build up other muscles and strength to help counter those limitations. My major purpose was to incorporate exercise as part of my routine not an obligation. Jeff has been helping me make working out essential, fun and fulfilling. Thank you so much Jeff.
Sylvia UTempe, Arizona


How Much Does Personal Trainer Cost in Chandler, AZ?

The average cost of a personal trainer in Chandler is $45 per session, $45 an hour or $160 a month for 4 sessions depending on the personal training gym you choose.

What Questions Should I Ask A Personal Trainer Before Hiring?

What Are Your Credentials? How Much Experience Do You Have? and How Much Do Personal Training Sessions Cost? are great questions to ask a personal trainer before hiring them.

What Does a Personal Trainer in Chandler Do?

Personal trainers in Chandler are people that have the abilities, skills, and knowledge that is needed to design effective and safe personal fitness programs. They also help to assist and instruct people when it comes to reaching personal fitness and health goals.