Can You Exercise After Covid Vaccine?
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Can You Exercise After Covid Vaccine?

With more than 160 million Americans now fully vaccinated, many are wondering when or if it safe to exercise after receiving the Covid vaccine. The answer is not that simple, as it depends on several different factors.

Let’s take at a few of these circumstances!

Exercise After Covid Vaccine Shot

Wanting to exercise after you receive the Covid vaccine shot is common. Experts agree, though, working out after the vaccine will depend on your side effects. As we all know, Covid vaccines can cause headaches, fatigue and general soreness. While the soreness tends to only last a day or so, this, of course, will make you feel like you do not want to exercise.

Recently, Singapore’s government recommended that vaccinated people wait at least a week until they engage in any sort of strenuous physical activity. It is suggested to wait at least a week for this kind of exercise after your first and second dose of the vaccine.

Will Exercise Prevent A Positive Vaccine Outcome?

Currently, the experts say moderate exercise will not a have negative outcome on your vaccine’s performance. Moderate exercise will help your immune system properly function. While scientists continue to examine the possibility of exercise positively impacting the vaccine, there is still not enough data to prove this will work in all cases. To date, there is no data that shows moderate exercise affecting the vaccine negatively.

How Much Should I Exercise?

You may want to go easier when exercising immediately after receiving the vaccine. Dial back your workouts, especially within 48 hours of vaccination. So, if you typically set off on a 30-minute run in the morning, make it 20 instead. Also, refrain from trying anything new with your exercise. This is not the time to try running for an hour in the morning. New workouts can lead to delayed-onset muscle soreness. Most likely after vaccination you will already feel sore; don’t make your body even more sore at this point.

It is also recommended to stay away from any upper body workouts immediately after your first or second dose. Again, you will likely feel upper body soreness already, so try to save leg day for after vaccination. Pain in the injection location (upper arm) is the most commonly reported side effect of vaccination.

Exercise After Covid Vaccine

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